I’m so stoked for my friend, abbeyprojects, who just recieved a grant to embark on this wicked painting project. Way to go @earthabbey!

Gorgeous landscape portraiture hybrid. Drawings on vintage maps by Ed Fairburn. Courtesy Colossal

Stairs to eternity or stairs to nowhere?

Stairs to eternity or stairs to nowhere?

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Channeling Joesph Cornell. Artist, Michael Mapes, re-imagines the portraiture of the Dutch Masters through collages that combine scientific specimens and portraiture photography.

Impossible Geometry by Fanette Guilloud. Illusionary paintings in abandoned space via anamorphic projections.

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Tomas Saraceno, Cloud City. On the roof of the Met through to November 4, 2012. http://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2012/tomas-saraceno

Gorgeous large-scale kaleidoscope installations by Dutch artist, Suzan Drummen.


Moses Bridge

This sunken bridge designed by Ro & AD Architects from the Netherlands, has in fact parted waters. The bridge is in the Netherlands and it is the most practical and fun way of accessing the stunning 17th century fortress.


Simone Decker / Chewing in Venice  | installation

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Fabricated from construction debris, Xu Bing’s illuminated 12-ton bird sculptures take flight at Mass MoCA. #installation #foundobjects #art via thisiscolossal

Beautiful proposal for large-scale 3D monument reflecting the work el lissitzky - http://www.designboom.com/architecture/reveal-the-absence-the-un-built/

Mirrored treehouse camouflaged in nature. Elegant, simple, genius.

Geometric light installations by Carlo Bernardini.

Playing with space, mass and form through projections. Augmented sculpture by Pablo Valbuena.